• The Pointe at Lake Norman

    Acid-stained and urethane-sealed concrete can make an excellent interior floor surface.

  • Outdoor Patio/Lake Norman

    Courtyard Slate pattern is colored with gray, green and blue. Concrete is finished and sealed with three coats of non-yellowing protective sealer.

  • Courtyard

    Courtyard slate is our most popular imprint which has no fixed pattern. Each stone imprint is an individual mat, to be placed for a uniquely random layout on every job. Coloring is customer selected from a palette of earth tones, greens, grays, and many others.

  • Flagstone

    This pattern has a wide, varying grout pattern and stone selection that truly represents real flagstone. On this patio, we brought more realism into the look with individual stones acid-stained by hand, along with the grout lines, to produce a very unique, realistic look.

  • Lake Norman

    Ashlar Slate imprinted concrete is the perfect choice for this pathway down to the water.

  • Lake Norman

    Uniform steps were framed to address the elevation changes. This was a difficult area to install a pathway because of the varied terrain.

  • Lake Norman

    We developed an ideal pathway to the water, the result served a purpose while adding visual appeal to the back yard.

  • Willow Oak

    Realistic Flagstone pattern with multiple, hand-applied acid stain colors to closely match existing faux stone columns.

  • Site preparation

    Adi has the equipment to get the job done right.

  • Site preparation 2

    Adi has the equipment to get the job done right.

  • Exterior Surface Cleaning

    We have been providing homeowners with professional exterior cleaning solutions. Pressure cleaning with heat will revitalize your house and grounds by washing away mold, mildew and other foreign substances.